About our school

School 186, St.Petersburg Russia

Director: Olga Zhuravlyova

Address: 195271  58/2 Zamshina Street, St.Petersburg, Russia

Tel/fax: 417-24-11/417-24-12

Email: school186@mail.ru

Weвsite: sosh186.info

Our school was opened in 1969. It has become the state educational institution under the supervision of the local authorities (195009 13/1 Arsenalnaya embankment, St.Petersburg).

School is open:
  • Monday - Friday: 8.00 a.m. - 18 p.m.
636 pupils get education at our school.The school staff are highly professional. 44 of the staff are teachers, 6 are administrative members.

The atmosphere at school is comfortable and safe:
  • Pupils of primary school study 5 days a week.
  • Pupils of secondary and high school study 5 days a week.
  • Primary students may stay at school after classes to prepare their homework.
  • Safety is provided by a person on duty.
  • Video observation was installed in 2009.
  • A special staff take care of good relationship between students and adults.
  • Our school canteen is well-decorated, it provides children with healthy food.
  • Recently the recreation halls of the ground and first floors have been  repaired as well as the cloak-room and the entry hall.
It is interesting to study here because:
  • Pupils start learning English at the age of 8.
  • They start learning   information technology in the 3rd form
  • There are 20 free  clubs  to suit all tastes (Art, Drama, volley-ball, etc.)
  • Our gym is renovated and well-equipped.
  • A few years ago our school stadium was built
  • We have got 2 computer labs with high speed Internet.
  • Students’ parents get information  of their children’s progress and homework with the help of all-Russia educational network «Dnevnik.ru».
You have prospects with us 
  • Every year  our students take part in  district and city Olympiads and become winners.
  • For the last 21 years 35 graduates have been awarded silver medals.
  • Since then 13 graduates have been  awarded gold medals.
  • Several years ago our school was a testing ground of the Russian Academy of Education.
  • Some years ago our school participated in the city  programme,  called «Tolerance».     
Our credo is:
  • A comfortable atmosphere
  • healthy lifestyle technologies
  • Active interaction
  • Innovative teaching techniques
  • Focus on  success and progress